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Why Plesk ?

Plesk is a web hosting control panel that allows professionals to manage their web hosting infrastructure, including servers, applications, and websites. With Plesk, you can easily set up and manage your hosting environment, including creating and managing domains, setting up email accounts, and installing applications such as WordPress. It offers a range of features and tools specifically designed for professionals, including advanced security measures, support for multiple languages and platforms, and integration with popular DevOps tools. Whether you’re a web developer, IT administrator, or hosting provider, Plesk can help you streamline and optimize your hosting operations.



Plesk Obsidian License

Maximizing Productivity and Security with Plesk Obsidian: A Versatile Web Hosting Control Panel

Plesk Web Admin
Plesk Web Pro
Plesk Web Host

Service Provider Management

Reseller Management

Subscription Management

Account Management

Cgroups Manager (resources management) *

User InterfaceDescription

Power user view (server + site admin)

Custom view management

User Features

WP Toolkit

SE Only
(Limited features edition)

Developer Pack

PostgreSQL and MSSQL management modules

Plesk Premium Email by Kolab

Plesk mobile manager

Security Features

Security Core with ModSecurity

Let’s Encrypt

Plesk Email Security

Email antivirus

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